Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Cardinal Sins: Roger Mahony responsible:$740 million litigation costs?

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Blame it on the Boss in Roma


Los Angeles Times By Victoria Kim

February 18, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

The Los Angeles Archdiocese has settled what officials said is the last of its pending priest molestation lawsuits, bringing to a close a decade of wrenching abuse litigation that cost the Catholic Church more than $740 million.

The church reached the $13-million agreement with 17 victims last week, on the eve of a trial scheduled to begin Feb. 14 over the alleged acts of Father Nicolas Aguilar-Rivera, a visiting cleric from Mexico who police believe molested more than two dozen boys over a mere nine months in 1987.

Eleven men, who were ages 7 to 12 when they were allegedly abused by the priest, were scheduled to appear in court to argue that Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and his aides had allowed the priest to flee in the days before police were notified.,0,7997563.story#ixzz2u0UKMKzk

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Stained Glass

SEE Documentary about Roger Mahony…

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Cardinal Sins: Cardinal Roger Mahony

Another Cardinal Sin….THE ( no humility ) LA Super Star

Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Once the famed Los Angeles Cardinal –

The Hollywood Real Estate magnate – 

builder of an outrageously expensive cathedral


Cardinal Mahony: He blogs, he is on Facebook and

he will not  talk about shuffling the inappropriate priests from one parish to another for decades.

Mahony may not go down in Catholic history  

as a real estate magnate – a builder of a glittering, towering cathedral- but as a man who looked the other way – time and time again – as priests, under his watch, repeatedly abused children. 

He shuffled  pedophiles from parish to parish…and, now ise now infamous for it.

Documentary: Deliver Us from Evil 

Top 10 Cardinal Sins Top 10 Cardinal Sins


Mahony responds to ban: ‘Not once’ did successor raise questions

Joshua J. McElwee |  Feb. 1, 2013


TodayCardinal Roger Mahony, the retired archbishop of Los Angeles who was barred from public ministry by his successor over his handling…

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“No No on Vigano and Sal of San Francisco”

AB Viganò has a very checkered history when it comes to sex abuse in the church. 

When AB John Nienstedt, the former head/ Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul ( a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage)  was accused of mishandling sexual abuse claims…  Viganò, w (the pope’s representative to the United States) used HIS office to quash an inquiry into the allegations once investigators discovered charges of Sexual Misconduct against  Nienstedt, who eventually resigned.

Bad Boy/Mean Man

Viganò’s  hostility toward Pope Francis, noting that the Pope recalled the AB from his post in 2016.

The decision came after the Vatican decided  Viganò had become too enmeshed in U.S. Culture Wars; especially  re: Same-Sex Marriage

The evil AB  arranged the meeting between Pope Francis and Kim Davis, the former uppity Kentucky Clerk who refused to sign a marriage certificate for a same-sex couple, blindsiding the pope during his 2015 U.S. visit. Vigano must go.


From America Magazine : Cupich and Tobin – the Voices of Reason


Cardinal Cupich released a statement on Sunday calling the letter “astonishing” and correcting what he said are factual errors. He points to Archbishop Viganò’s claim that he was appointed to the Vatican body that chooses bishops “right after he was made a cardinal,” but notes he was appointed to the Congregation for Bishops in July 2016 and that he was not named a cardinal until October. He called for a “thorough vetting” of the claims made in the letter.

Cardinal Tobin also discounted the allegations in the letter, saying in a statement on Aug. 27 that they “cannot be understood as contributing to the healing of survivors of sexual abuse.”

The statement said the letter is filled with “factual errors, innuendo and fearful ideology.” It said the church pledges to “move ahead resolutely” in its efforts to protect children and to break down the “structures and culture that enable abuse.”

Sal in San Francisco is in bed – as it were- with Vigano.

Cordileone Says: “Moreover, while having no privileged information about the Archbishop McCarrick situation, from information

I do have about a very few of the other statements Archbishop Viganò makes,

I can confirm that they are true.

His statements, therefore, must be taken seriously.”



2018 Jennifer Weiner writes: NY Times

“How Do I Explain Justice Kavanaugh to My Daughters?”

The spectacle of this confirmation has reminded us that to many people, women’s suffering is a joke.

“Speak up, even if those in power do not want to listen.

Speak your truth, even if men laugh.

Be loud, even though power prefers girls quiet.

Speak up, even if they call you strident or shrill.

Don’t let anyone put a hand — real or metaphorical — over your mouth.

March, demonstrate, chant, shout, vote.

And maybe someday, you, or your daughters,

or your daughter’s daughters

will be the ones with the last laugh.”

Jennifer Weiner NY TIMES 


“Speak up, even if those in power do not want to listen.

Speak your truth, even if men laugh.

Be loud, even though power prefers girls quiet.

Speak up, even if they call you strident or shrill.

Don’t let anyone put a hand — real or metaphorical — over your mouth.

March, demonstrate, chant, shout, vote.

And maybe someday, you, or your daughters,

or your daughter’s daughters

will be the ones with the last laugh.”

It is time – AGAIN

Easter Sunday – Empty Pews: A message from the masses?

Vasa still An Enemy of the People?

Blame it on the Boss in Roma


Santa Rosa, Ca

The Cathedral is Empty

St Eugene’s, once a popular, well-respected, well attended cathedral, is quiet and multitudes of parishioners report

to being put off by Bishop Vasa and his heavy handed rulings.

The local newspaper, the Press Democrat, has followed the bishop- since his arrival.

“Bishop Robert Vasa acted Thursday to quell a rising tide of unrest, announcing he would not require the Santa Rosa Catholic Diocese’s teachers to sign

a morality clause as part of their contracts if they want to teach next year.”

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Boys will be boys? Not here, your honor.

building in city against sky

Tony, Tim, and Tom were three buddies who hung out together in high school.

The boys were considered class clowns; they frequently got in and out of trouble with teachers and coaches.  The boys all shared the innate ability to charm and lie their way out of tight situations. It didn’t hurt that all three had very wealthy, powerful dads who were big players in the city.

Tom invented a clever scheme where the three boys would enter a convenience store, Tony and Tim would go to the back of the store filling their pockets with whatever they could while Tom charmed the store owner while buying a hand full of candy bars and a magazine -all the while enthusiastically chatting up the owner.

Tom would turn on the charm spigot 100% telling joke, asking questions – removing all the attention from his shoplifting buddies in the back. Tom would pay $20 dollars for all of his loot while his two friends would slither out the door with their coat pockets bulging with beer, soft drinks and jerky.

The boys were very smooth and made a point of never returning to the same storeAs fate would have it- word spread about the three high school bandits and they were finally caught. Their fathers came to the rescue with the old ”Boys will be boys” excuse and got the boys off the hook. 

The trio laughed all the way to the park- where they bought up and got high.

There were a bunch of girls at the nearby all-girls school who thought Tim,Tom,Tony  were cute. The boys cruised by the girl’s school at least once a week, honking and waving.

The boys started having parties in the woods… the parties grew in size and infamy. Word got out that the parties got pretty wild. Alcohol was flowing  and weed was everywhere. They were finally caught by Rangers… not only did the parents hear about this law-breaking series of events, their school was informed, also.


Two girls who attended one of the parties had been ”Mauled by three of the very drunk boys.”  The girls went to their school counselor and told her about the parties in the park: the alcohol, the dope, and the boys who were overtly aggressive towards the girls.

Phone calls were made.  Father President spoke to Mother Superior. The Jesuit priest was acutely aware that the three boys came from families of major donors. The three dads readily reminded him of this

Mother Superior, a Sister of Mercy (who dropped out of law school to enter the convent) was savvy, and did not suffer fools gladly. She had no qualms about protesting the behavior of the high school boys, the illegality of underage smoking and drinking and the use of drugs.

The two had several heated conversations regarding the events and the students involved. Mother Superior was livid- Father President was looking to fund raise for a new building on campus and his three top donors (the fathers) were on the chopping block.

How do you think this turned out?

blur close up focus gavel


Top 10 Solutions to Rebuild the church – Fr Jim Martin


What must happen.

Dear friends: Like you, I am sick about what is happening in our church. Also like you, I’ve prayed about how best to move ahead. Our church will survive. The “gates of hell” will not prevail against it, as Jesus Christ himself promised us.

But Christ, through the workings of the Holy Spirit, urges us to act: to rebuild the church and help his holy and faithful people. Without certain steps, people will flow out of the church, never to return, like water from the side of the Crucified One on Good Friday.

Some of you may not agree with each of these steps, but I believe that each one is essential for us to rebuild the church. This list is neither complete or exhaustive (and presume the reporting practices for abusive priests already contained in the Dallas Charter).

But in order of immediacy, and with a focus on the US church, they are:

First, while journalists have discredited large sections of the Vigano “testimony,” and while many charges have been revealed as baseless, there is one charge that journalists will not be able to uncover: Pope Francis’s knowledge and actions regarding the McCarrick case.

The faithful, as well as clergy and religious, are exceedingly confused about this question; a short and simple answer from the Pope or from the Vatican will help us move us ahead.

Second, dioceses and religious orders should open their abuse files to the public, rather than waiting until they are forced to do so. Otherwise, the church will face years, perhaps decades, of civic authorities slowly uncovering our secret crimes, sins and failings. Confession is not just about what you’re forced to reveal.

Third, lay leaders should investigate the McCarrick case. More importantly, lay leaders should be placed in charge of all review boards in dioceses and religious orders, if they are not already in charge. The system has proven that it cannot police itself.

Fourth, bishops found guilty of abuse, or of covering it up, must be removed from their posts as soon as possible. Perhaps just as important, when bishops resign, the Vatican must be clear about the reasons for their resignations.

Fifth, the widespread demonization within the church must end. It is a stumbling block to healing and disedifying to both Catholics and non-Catholics. Social media has played a malign role. The stereotyping of whole groups (gays, celibates, bishops, liberals, conservatives) must end. Personal vilification must stop.

Sixth, public acts of penance from the hierarchy must take place. Letters and statements are, as we have seen, insufficient. The laity should decide what form these acts should take. Symbolic actions, as well as practical actions, matter here.

Seventh, both married men and women must be included in all levels of decision-making in the church—including heading Vatican congregations, reforming the Curia, helping to select bishops, etc.

Married men and women must also be included in all levels of leadership—including leadership in the church’s liturgical life, something of immense symbolic importance. Married priests and women deacons are a start.

Eighth, a thoroughgoing review of seminary formation, especially regarding education in human sexuality, must happen—again. There are still seminaries and religious orders where candidates are incapable of, or prevented from, discussing the most fundamental areas of their lives.

Ninth, clericalism must die. The system privileging the status of bishops and priests over that of lay people (and parents); that insists on an exaggerated deference for clergy and bishops, and that has functioned as a closed world, must be dismantled.

Finally, despair about this situation must end. Despair is not of God. The Holy Spirit is with us and will help us through even the most difficult times. We must never forget Jesus’s words to his disciples: Fear not!”

Sal in San Francisco shows his true colors: in bed with Vigano

Salvatore J. Cordileone Archbishop arrived in San Francisco

on the coat tails of  an arrest for Driving Under the Influence. There was much talk.

Shortly thereafter, he was in the crosshairs of the press and parishoners when he

came down heavy on the LGBTQ community and teachers at Catholic Schools:

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – More than 350 teachers in high schools administrated by the Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco signed a letter urging Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone to drop proposed morality clauses from the teacher handbook.

According to organizers, 80 percent of the faculty and staff at the affected schools signed the letter. Organizers said they received signatures from 126 teachers and staff from Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, 87 from Serra High School in San Mateo, 74 at Archbishop Riordan and 68 at Marin Catholic.

Later on, a first in Catholic SF circles –  a full page ad was taken out in the San Francisco Chronicle:


“Archbishop Cordileone has fostered an atmosphere of division and intolerance,” declares a full-page advertisement in today’s edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. “The Archdiocese of San Francisco is threatened by Archbishop Cordileone’s single-issue agenda and cannot survive, let alone thrive and grow under his supervision.”


Now the controversial archbishop steps in it again as he aligns himself with his good pal, Archbishop Vigano – both attack Pope Francis and call for his resignation.Vigano was once the  papal ambassador, or nuncio, in the United States, he  sided with  very Conservative Culture Warriors and used his role in naming new bishops to put staunch conservatives: Sal Cordileone in San Francisco, Denver and Baltimore.

They who are Vouching for Viganò

Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco, Bishop Vann of Diocese of Orange, and Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix all released statements describing Archbishop Viganò as man of “integrity and truthfulness.” Really?

But Vigano found himself”iced out” after the election of Pope Francis.

Known for his ego, short temper and ambition, Archbishop Viganò has clashed with his many superiors who stunted his “ascent” in the church.

Vigano  has he has played a key role in some of the most stunning Vatican scandals of recent times.

Cordileone Says: “Moreover, while having no privileged information about the Archbishop McCarrick situation, from information

I do have about a very few of the other statements Archbishop Viganò makes,

I can confirm that they are true.

His statements, therefore, must be taken seriously.”




Ray Burke – the leader of the Pack – ship of fools?

Of Cardinal Ray Burke~~~Mike Barnicle pens:

“The cost of his gilded, ornate vestments could feed a family of four across a decade. He has exhausted himself and more than a few who have had to listen to him trying to ban pro-choice politicians from receiving communion. He has attacked St. Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus for attending a Hillary Clinton rally and tried to prevent Sheryl Crow from giving a concert to raise money for a Catholic hospital.

Last year, as Pope Francis began turning the lights back on within a church that has seen legions depart simply because so many in the clergy said so little about the criminality and obstruction of justice surrounding the reality of sexual abusers wearing roman collars, Burke said, “There is a strong sense that the Church is like a ship without a rudder.”

Raymond Burke: Member of the College of Cardinals and captain of a ship of fools.


.The Most Offensive 

Never met a Dress he didn’t like.

Critical of Pope Francis from Day One – continues on a rampage with a gaggle of old Orthodox “Cards and Bishops” ( aka The Old Boys Network)


Note:  From NCR

 “..This latest broadside attack on Pope Francis was part of a pattern. It seems every month or so, someone comes out with a similar, staged attack on the pope, with varying degrees of subtleness. The four cardinals with their five dubia. The follow-up letter about the dubia from the late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra. The Wanderer interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke.


Fr Tom Reese speaks out on Sexual Abuse Scandal

Santa Clara University- Aug 23, 2018

Father Tom Reese SJ  spoke about the recent revelations of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.

The news of the sexual abuse has rocked the Catholic Church around the world.   A favorite commentator, Jesuit Tom Reese,  spoke on the allegations of abuse and touched upon a former Washington, D.C., Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and the extensive report of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Decades of Revelations of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in the United States have been covered up  and have led both to unbridled outrage and finally – reform.


Recent news of the McCarrick scandal and the degree of abuse and coverup in the Pennsylvania report have pointed to a problem that goes beyond past examinations and that calls out for much deeper reforms.


Well – loved and hughly respected, Fr Tom Reese is a columnist for the Religion News Service and a frequent commentator on Catholic matters on major television networks and a former editor of America magazine

He recently spoke clearly and candidly to Judy Woodruff on NPR re the horrific Philadelphia Sex Abuse Scandal.

Cardinal Bernard Law, who resigned in disgrace as Boston’s archbishop in 2002 after the priest sex abuse scandal exploded in the United States, has retired from his subsequent job as head of a major Roman basilica.

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