Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Coming for a Visit? – batton down the hatches

38c7f5fbd816e2c0731ae6122c652594The  Infamous Apostolic Visitation

A guy walks into  a  Vatican bar – says to German guy in a tall red hat: Can you tell me~ witch hunt is this?

“The cost of the three year investigation of U.S. nuns, by the Vatican, is projected to cost $1.1 million and is being carried out in secrecy according to The National Catholic Reporter. Except for some vague generalizations the Vatican will not even reveal the reasons for the investigation. Why is the hierarchy not treating the nuns with equality and respect? This investigation appears, to many, to be a means of destroying all but the most conservative communities of nuns in the United States.

True or False?


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