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Petition – Father Brian Joyce steps up – bravo!

unnamedFather Brian Joyce, Pastor of Christ the King Parish

in Pleasant Hill CA

was recently acknowledged in a National Catholic Reporter article for spearheading a petition of support  Women Religious who are targeted by the Apostolic Visitation.

The erudite and eloquent Petition stated:images

We, parishioners of Christ the King Parish in Pleasant Hill, California, are signing this petition in support and appreciation of U.S. Catholic women religious, not only those in our diocese, but all of our sisters throughout the United States. We sign in recognition of the decades of service that these women have devoted to the education of countless generations of children in Catholic schools and in special educational ministries, to caring for the poor, the marginalized, the sick, the dying, the grieving, the voiceless and the most vulnerable of our citizens. We sign in gratitude for their decades of untiring work to bring about peace and justice, both locally and globally.

We sign in recognition of their selfless dedication of time, talent and treasure to a lifetime of true discipleship living the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the inestimable ways that U.S. Catholic women religious have contributed to the sustenance, strength and vitality of the U.S. Catholic church.

It is our hope that the two investigations of our sisters by the Vatican will ultimately conclude with a celebration of these remarkable, heroic women, and official recognition of the abundance of gifts and graces they contribute to our lives as well as to the vitality of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the world.”

You may read the  NCR on line article

And ask your parish to START A PETITION FOR THE



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    Happy New Year – kudos and gratitude to Fr Brian Joyce

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