Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

The Big Mac- Cardinal Mac

Who was Cardinal JF McIntyre?

“A staunch conservative, McIntyre has been described as “the most extreme right-wing member of the American Catholic hierarchy” during him time.[6] He sent his priests to meetings of the John Birch Society to educate themselves about communism, and recommended subscriptions to American Opinion and other Birch publications in his diocesan newspaper.[6][7]

He once expressed caution towards “an obvious trend toward laxity” in the morality of films,[8] and was one of the few American bishops to oppose the liturgical revision of the Second Vatican Council, which he attended from 1962 to 1965.[2][9] On October 23, 1962, McIntyre addressed the Council fathers:

The schema on the Liturgy proposes confusion and complication. If it is adopted, it would be an immediate scandal for our people. The continuity of the Mass must be kept. The tradition of the sacred ceremonies must be preserved….[citation needed],[10]

McIntyre’s hyper-orthodox views led to conflict with more progressive clergymen in the Church. He suspended Father William DuBay, who had called for McIntyre’s removal in 1964 for not sufficiently supporting civil rights,…

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“…The end of McIntyre’s tenure was filled with rancor, as he found himself at odds with blacks, Hispanics, and his own clergy.[15] He was once confronted during Mass by the activist Católicos por La Raza, whom he compared to “the rabble at Christ’s crucifixion.”[citation needed] It is reported that he harbored racial prejudices and was approached privately by the priests of his archdiocese who asked him to refrain from making racial slurs.[16] The Cardinal retired after twenty-one years as Archbishop on January 21, 1970, …”


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