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Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Irish Bishop Diarmuid Martin Speaks Out – Catholics applaud truth

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, onetime a Vatican official, now Dublin’s Archbishop, spoke out on 60-Minutes about the Abuse of Children by Priests in Ireland

See CBS Segment of Sixty-Minutes here

…the Church hierarchy was not only aware of the sexual abuse, but did little about it. The Dublin Archdiocese knew who the predator priests were, even wrote reports about them but then locked up the files. Investigators on a state panel, the Murphy Commission, asked for the files, but the Church refused until Diarmuid Martin became archbishop.

Martin: I provided the Murphy Commission investigation into Dublin Diocese over 65,000 documents. And the material was there. It was in my archives.

The documents revealed that one priest admitted abusing over a hundred children. Another said he abused children twice a month for 25 years. Archbishop Martin believes thousands of children suffered similar fates.” (From 60 Minutes Interview)

…sheds tears on “60 Minutes” describing meeting victims of clerical abuse

Read More Here

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