Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

The Pope was in his counting house – counting all his money

The Pope was in his counting house

Counting all his money – 14 karat gold thrones – pretty Prada slippers and parfum du jour

He was upset.

Good Friday had not gone well. And, that pesky Irish Archbishop from Dublin had made a big splash on 60-Minutes. People were still talking about it.

That American politician, Santorum, ( “Go Opus Dei today” and ‘President Kennedy makes me want to puke’) had done enough damage to the Church to send it back to the Dark Ages (pre-Vatican Two)

He would have to text Cardinal Dolan –  and tell him the new hat does not make him the head of Red Hat Society of New York.

Nine! And inform him he is not the President of the Stateside Branch of the Church.

Maureen Dowd was on his case, again. Whispers in the Loggia wasn’t whispering – but screaming,  “Foul,” with thinly veiled attacks about Rome and  the so-called, ‘Game of  Thrones.’

Note to Staff:

  1. iPad on the fritz – can’t get Mad Men in German
  2. Order 6  (six)  bottles Dolce Gabbana Sport
  3. Check on Maui condo
  4. Ask Dolan what he meant by: “Given the continuing perception among many at the Vatican of the Big Apple as the capital of the West’s “dictatorship of relativism,” with the city’s eighth cardinal riding a skyscraper-high wave of Roman acclaim after the last week, the message above seems as intended for his hosts of these days as it is for the folks at home.”

Ich verstehe nicht.

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