Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Op-ed: Feb 2 2010 – Dowd calls it like it is…Nun-sense

Written February 2, 2010

Buddy, can you spare a million?

Maureen Dowd wrote an op-ed piece for the New York Times that rocked and shocked the hallowed halls of the Vatican.

Given the history of the Church – that’s hard to do.

Dowd had the temerity to question the recent attack on the nuns by the Pope and his Red Hat Society. Never was the term ‘the old boys network” more appropriate. The article discusses the inquisition on the Women Religious of the United States. Tsk! Give her 25 demerits, call her parents, and have her say five  Hail Marys.

Blame it on the Boss in Roma
Strategically, the Old Boys in Rome enrolled the aid of an apple cheeked, plump, little nun to be their henchman. Conservative Clare is on the front lines doing the dirty work. Mother Clare (known in some circles as Lizzie Borden and Sister Stepford) robotically meets, greets and spends one hour discussing the lives of 5,000 Women Religious in an order. C’est fini. Next!

Buddy, can you spare a million?
Times are tough and Catholic collection baskets are seeing more dollar bills, fewer $20 bills. Called ‘nefarious’ and ‘a witch-hunt’, this little visit from Rome will cost $1.1 million. Only two of the sixty-one dioceses have agreed to pay. The Bishops of California are opposed to the Apostolic Visitation.

Some of my best friends are
Legions of Catholic school graduates are incensed by the attack on the nuns by Rome. The average age of the women is 70 years old. Many have given 50 years of service to schools and hospitals with minimal remuneration.

There is a movement afoot by Catholics who passionately want to protect the good Sisters. Many are writing to protest to their bishops others are writing to say Thank You sister.

Some will make a point via collection baskets and others by their attendance at Sunday mass.
For more info: Say Thank You Sister,

See Commonweal and America magazine


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