Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Hot topic: The Frying Nun? Crazy to mess with the nuns…


Some of us call him, “St Nick” … others call him

 the New York Times opinionator

Whatever.  Nicholas Kristof writes and we read.

He says, “So, Pope Benedict, all I can say is: You are crazy to mess with nuns.”

(It’s all about the most recent Papal crackdown on nuns)

Kristof writes:

...the Vatican accused the nuns of worrying too much about the poor and not enough about abortion and gay marriage.

…the sisters are — in the streets, in the soup kitchens, anywhere where there’s pain. They’re with the dying, with the sick, and people know it.”

Next door – the column by Maureen DowdBishops Play Church Queens as Pawns

In Religion Dispatches Opinion  April 25, 2012

·           We Are All Nuns   By Mary E. Hunt

“The truth is, most Catholics no longer look to Rome for guidance on our personal lives, or anyone else’s. Nor do we live within the narrow confines of a cultic Christianity, or, as women, accept male leadership and priestly ministry as if theirs were God-given and ours were not. We appreciate the complexity of these matters and strive to create forums in which to listen, discuss, discern, and pray.

  And finally, there’s the current “war on women,” with Catholic bishops leading the charge. In the U.S., it is manifest in the skirmishes around reproductive rights. Young and poor women suffer greatly, but all women are implicated in these policy conflicts. Around the world, we find the Vatican successfully making alliances with other religious fundamentalists to prevent UN-based consensus on women’s reproductive health care. Casualties are many among poor and young women, the very ones the nuns would protect. So it is no surprise that the same bellicose ways operate within the kyriarchal church itself.

The question is how to stop the cycle of violence, how to refuse to cooperate in structures that oppress, how to “engage impasse” as some of the most creative nuns have tried to do.

LCWR will find its way with a great deal of support and solidarity from the rest of us lay Catholics and those clergymen who are able to distance themselves from the hierarchy.

Likewise if the Apostolic Visitation results are similar to the LCWR debacle, I predict that the individual communities will also figure out strategies for moving forward.

I am less sure that the Vatican will recover.”

Mary E Hunt


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