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Nunsense? Top six things you can to support the Sisters: look here

NunSense? Check out Nun Justice

Six things you can do to Support the Sisters

1. Petition

Let the sisters know you stand with them! Sign the petition or share it with friends! Let’s get 57,000 signatures — one for every sister in the United States!

2. Write

Tell Church officials that you support the sisters. Write to the Apostolic Nuncio, the Vatican’s ambassador in the U.S., other officials, or to your local newspaper.
Download a sample letter and suggested talking points.

3. Vigil

Join or organize a public vigil Tuesdays in May. If you’re unable to join a vigil in person, join a Virtual Vigil in spirit by posting a photo showing your support!
Find a vigil near you.

4. Share

Follow Nun Justice on Tumblr
Post a photo showing your support
Tweet using #nunjustice
Share the petition on Facebook

5. Pledge

For Pentecost, make a financial pledge to support the sisters by directing or redirecting a contribution to your local community of women religious. Help us tally the total amount pledged by recording your pledge amount here.

6. Pray Now and on May 29th

Pray for the sisters on your own and organize a prayer service in your parish or small faith community on May 29th, during Pentecost week, when LCWR begins its meeting. A sample prayer service is available to use.

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