Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Levada: Pope’s point man retires to sunny California

If you can’t stand the heat -move to California

He sold the condo in Hawaii

Cardinal William Levada’s snarky letter to Catholic SF

RE: Fr. Murphy, who criminally abused as many as 200 deaf children while working at a school in the Milwaukee Archdiocese from 1950 to 1974,

As a full-time member of the Roman Curia, the governing structure that carries out the Holy See’s tasks, I do not have time to deal with the Times’s subsequent almost daily articles by Rachel Donadio and others, much less with Maureen Dowd’s silly parroting of Goodstein’s “disturbing report”

Levada – Huffington PostThe Point Man for the the Pope – dribbles, passes, and fails to make the basket…

With Pope Benedict XVI in a stance of passive silence on the clergy sex abuse crisis, the Vatican strategy of attacking the news media has made the pope more vulnerable to criticism. Loyal Catholics, and even political leaders inclined to give the pontiff the benefit of the doubt, are wondering why he can’t say what went wrong and how he will make structural changes.

Instead, just before Easter, the Vatican launched a counteroffensive against the media in general and The New York Times in particular.

The opening salvo was Cardinal William Levada’s critique on the Vatican Web site of the Times’ coverage of then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s failure to defrock a priest who had abused deaf students at a Wisconsin school.



Levada– Time spent in Portland Oregon – was infamous for shuffling priests known to be pedophiles.

When Levada arrived in 1986, an Oregon priest named Tom Laughlin was in jail after molesting altar boys. Three previous archbishops had known about Laughlin but never restricted his ministry or notified the police. McMenamin urged Levada to tell church officials of their obligation to report to authorities (as the 1985 report insisted).

Levada declined.

Too Hot to Handle?   Levada: “California, Here I Come!”

How much Real Estate is too much?

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