Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Levada: No sister will lose her job …oh, brother!

indexlevada a
Levada says, “No sister will lose her job 
in teaching or charitable work or hospital work as a result of this assessment…as far as I know.” 
(Uh-oh, What about all of the other Sisters?)

NCR Interview – John L Allen Jr interview Cardinal Wm Levada

( Excerpts)

Cardinal William Levada, prefect of the Vatican’s ultra-powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is a devoted disciple of his boss and mentor, Pope Benedict XVI (86), in virtually every way save one. While the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was a celebrity as a Vatican official, Levada, who turns 76 today, keeps a much lower profile, preferring to operate behind the scenes.

One theory for why you’re acting now is that you’re worried about property. Specifically, the charge is that the hierarchy wants to assert control over the real estate and other assets controlled by women’s congregations before they walk away with it. Can you respond to that?

Matters of property are not the responsibility of this office. Church law does say that for “alienation of property,” you’re supposed to have approval of the Holy See, though sometimes that’s more honored in the breach than the observance. But such questions are not our competency.

In general, I think the religious orders have a moral obligation, if they’ve got property and wealth on their hands, to do the right thing with it, to be sure that it goes to educational and charitable works in accord with the intentions of the donors.

Certainly, our congregation won’t be in charge of it.

So concern about property had nothing to do with the doctrinal assessment?

Absolutely not.

You said a moment ago that this is not about “the sisters,” but LCWR. Yet looking at recent events, including the apostolic visitation of women’s orders in the States, the LCWR crackdown and the notification on Sr. Margaret Farley, many people can’t help concluding that there is a broad attack underway on nuns in America.

I’ve read some articles along those lines, but it’s just not the case. These things take a lot of time, and they all have their own logic. For instance, we didn’t just wake up one day and say, “Let’s go after Margaret Farley.” Frankly, this came up because of an interview she gave in Ireland. She was there for a conference, and said something along the lines that Ireland ought to approve same-sex marriage. Someone in Ireland objected, asking, “Why is this sister coming from the States and pushing same-sex marriage?” We wrote to her superior and got a vague response about how she’s a wonderful person who enjoys great esteem.

That’s how Margaret Farley came onto our radar screen. It had nothing to do with the LCWR. We then found [her book] Just Love, read the reviews, and the process developed from there.

I don’t see any conspiracy. All of us as Catholics have responsibilities, but especially bishops, priests and religious, to speak the good word that is the faith of the church, which is that God is revealed through Jesus Christ.

imagescaution men working
We have nothing to say about the “Gospel according to Maureen Dowd,” of course, but Margaret Farley is a woman who represents the church.


Dowd intimidates Rome by calling a spade a spade.

Cardinal Levada faces accusations/ sex abuse.

Speaking of Property 

Where are Cardinal Levada’s condominiums?

Hawaii and Southern Californa…and…



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