Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Sisters gather and Rome roils

“Nearly 900 Roman Catholic nuns will gather in St. Louis this week to discuss their future relationship with the Vatican.

Ordinarily, this annual assembly of the country’s largest umbrella group for women’s religious communities wouldn’t draw the attention of the world’s press. But in the spring, the Vatican’s doctrinal watchdog office issued a report that questioned the organization’s fidelity to some church teachings, accused it of “serious doctrinal problems” and announced that three U.S. bishops would temporarily take the group’s reins in order to reform it.

This week, the members of the Leadership Conference for Women Religious — which represents 80 percent of the country’s 57,000 Catholic nuns — will discuss their options, which could range from accepting the reforms to severing their official connection to the Vatican.

“We’re hopeful it will be a time of dialogue and increased understanding,” said Sister Louise Gallahue, leader of the Daughters of Charity in the Province of St. Louise. “Everyone involved wants to see this as communication with church authorities and not in conflict with them.”

Since the Vatican report was released in April, the rift has resonated with some American Catholics who feel bishops have become too focused on gay marriage and abortion.

Many took issue with the Vatican report that denounced the sisters’ group — which represents nuns who work with the poor and sick — for being ‘silent on the right to life from conception to natural death” and for leaving “the Church’s biblical view of family life and human sexuality” off its “agenda.”…

From the St Louis Post Dispatch

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Holy Toledo, Bishop!


“Bishop Blair tells Fresh Air that the LCWR is “promoting unilaterally new understandings, a new kind of theology, that is not in accordance with the faith of the church.”


He says he would like to have a dialogue with the LCWR to “educate and help the sisters appreciate and accept church teaching and to implement it in their discussions, and try to heal some of the questions or concerns they have about these issues.”

God bless you, Bishop…we are praying for you….

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