Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Brava! Band of Sisters – the movie at a cineplex near you

RELIGIOUS GATHER TO PRAY AT NEW JERSEY CATHEDRALimagesdemocratsssstwo imaimagessimone

“Band of Sisters tells the story of Catholic nuns and their work for social justice after Vatican II of the 1960s.

For Catholics who wonder what became of the nuns they knew in habits and convents many years ago, for activists who may feel profoundly discouraged given the problems of today’s world, for women seeking equality in their church, and for people of all faiths yearning for an inclusive and contemplative spirituality, Band of Sisterschallenges us to ask what really matters in life.

And as we seek what matters, how do we go about changing our lives and the world around us?”


Upcoming screenings for the film “Band of Sisters”
Denver, Co
Notre Dame, IN
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA

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