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The Vatican cleans up monetary mayhem? A clean sweep

Spray bottle


It will take more than Clorox, Comet, Ajax, Brawny, 409, Tide, Cheer, and Off! to do the job.

Pope Francis made a clean sweep, and has been getting the Vatican Bank in shape…

Gone are the avaricious and greedy  – Pope Francis has hired the Big Guns, including:

  •  Ernst & Young to  scrutinize Vatican property holdings
  • KPMG is bringing Vatican accountancy systems up to international standards
  • McKinsey is reforming its media operations: TV, radio and a newspaper
  • Deloitte will advise on management


See the Outstanding The New York Times article Cleaning up the Vatican


“Quite rightly Pope Francis made reform of the Vatican Bank one of his first priorities. Within days of becoming pope he stripped the bank’s five supervisory cardinals of their $42,000 annual stipend. In a sermon at a Mass for bank staff he pointedly described their organization as “necessary up to a certain point.” He demanded tighter accounting, better reporting practices and enhanced internal controls. Ten months later, unhappy with progress, he dismissed all but one of the five cardinals in January. He also replaced the F.I.A.’s president with an archbishop with a track record of reform within the Vatican bureaucracy.”


Three Cheers for Pope Francis – Mr Clean wins the game…


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One thought on “The Vatican cleans up monetary mayhem? A clean sweep

  1. martina2b on said:

    truly wonderful news! We want to be able to hold our heads up, that the organization of the Church is transparent and not full of corrupt behaviors and outmoded power-structures. This was the big job, the hard job, we all have been hoping Pope Francis would undertake. Many of us have been praying that he will not be murdered before being able to accomplish this job! Along with reforming the rules for clergy interacting with children in a safe way, with clear and healthy boundaries, and parish oversight of finances and pastoral projects, this was the goal of reform in our century. God bless the pope for the ongoing firm resolve to put meaningful reform in the Vatican, and to put human life at the center of ethics.

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