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Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Celebrate New Chicago Archbishop: Bishop Blase Cupich


The Good News:

Bishop Blase Cupich, 65, ( Spokane WA) will be installed on Nov. 18 as the ninth archbishop of Chicago, succeeding Cardinal Francis George, 77, who is ill with cancer.

Stained Glass

 The Past Problems of Chicago 

Bishop Cupich will inherit…

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 1:41 PM

Archdiocese of Chicago fought to conceal abuse claims: report

 Roughly 6,000 pages released show lengths that church took to make sure that child abuse didn’t go public. Documents pertain to 30 clergy members, including instances where children were molested in an RV.

“1996 Cardinal Joseph Bernardin spoke with reporters on the steps of his Chicago residence just before his departure for Rome to meet with Pope John Paul II. The Archdiocese of Chicago spent decades covering up the sexual abuse of children according to documents released by Church officials last week and being made public on Tuesday.

For decades, those at the highest levels of the nation’s third-largest archdiocese quietly moved priests from parish to parish and took steps to keep the abuse from becoming known outside church circles. The documents show that former Cardinals John Cody and Joseph Bernardin often approved the reassignments, though some eventually were removed from ministry.”

Cardinal Francis George said in a letter distributed to parishes last week that the archdiocese agreed to turn over the records in an attempt to help the victims heal. ‘’I apologize to all those who have been harmed by these crimes and this scandal,” George wrote.

Officials in the archdiocese said most of the abuse detailed in the files released Tuesday occurred before 1988, none after 1996, and that all these cases ultimately were reported to authorities…”


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