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Now: is the time Advent- Tom Reese Tonight, Nun Justice every night

candle-11 From:Future Church

As Advent continues into the second week, we light our second candle for all U.S. Women Religious. In the midst of misguided investigations, harsh criticisms and unjust mandates, they have consistently and authentically lived the gospel, cared for the least among us, enriched our Catholic tradition and carried out an inspired model of leadership.

In 2008, under Cardinal Franc Rode of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic life, an apostolic visitation was undertaken to respond to concerns regarding “some irregularities or omissions in American religious life” that “…involves a certain secular mentality that has spread in these religious families and, perhaps, also a certain “feminist” spirit…” The visitation sparked widespread consternation among Catholics who considered Rome’s motivation to be all wrong.

On December 16th, the report from the Apostolic Visitation will be released. FutureChurch, as part of the NunJustice Coalition, continues to stand in solidarity with U.S. Women Religious. Together we are determining the best way to support them during this time. We remain vigilant and ready to take action.

As we enter more deeply into this Advent season, please consider supporting the work of FutureChurch. In order to do what we do, we need you.

Your end-of-year donation allows us to continue to support U.S. Women Religious and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Your donations also help us to:

1. Bring world-class leaders such as Fr. Tony Flannery and Fr. Helmut Schueller to the United States to inspire new conversations, energize Catholics as they renew the church and bring priests and people together to build an international movement for reform.

2. Feature some of the best and brightest scholars, teachers, theologians and leaders in the Catholic Church today with our teleconference series. Register today for our next teleconference with Fr. Thomas Reese on December 9, 2014 at 8:00pm EST.

3. Restore women to the Lectionary through our Women in the Word projects. Your donations help us to create brand new resources such as our NEW! Advent Resource Packet. This packet contains more than twenty educational and prayer resources; all designed to help restore the women of Advent and Christmas. In this new packet you’ll find essays based on exciting new scholarship on women prophets, the Immaculate Conception, the Assumption and more! Have you ever wondered if a woman was part of the Magi? Have you pondered what kind of husband and father Joseph was in his day? Do you need prayer resources that will lift your spirits with a sense of empowerment? Order your Advent packet today!

4. Support the Leadership Conference of Women Religious through our NunJustice Coalition. In September, FutureChurch, as part of the NunJustice Coalition, delivered over 17,500 signatures to Pope Francis requesting that he remove the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s unjust mandate against the LCWR and apologize to Sr. Elizabeth Johnson for harsh criticism made by Cardinal Gerhard Mueller. We continue to be vigilant in monitoring events and providing support as needed.

During this Advent season, our hope is renewed because of the faith of so many Catholics. We are deeply grateful for U.S. Nuns and everyone who faithfully stands in solidarity with them during these difficult and trying times. These everyday acts of courage illuminate the Advent hope we celebrate now.

FUTURE CHURCH I write with confidence that your own love for our church will lead you to become a member or donate generously so we can continue this work of supporting our Sisters as they continue their work for the Gospel.

With gratitude,

Deborah Rose-Milavec
Executive Directorcover


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