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The Big Story: The Nuns Story…on the Rode again?


AP – The Big Story

“A much-anticipated Vatican report on U.S. women’s religious orders, which was ordered under Pope Benedict XVI, will be released Tuesday in Rome — and its contents will be closely watched for any sign of changed relations between the Roman Catholic hierarchy and nuns under Pope Francis.

The study is one of two separate Vatican inquiries of American nuns that angered many Catholic sisters, who considered the reviews an attempt to bring them more under the authority of the all-male church leadership. Some sisters would not fill out the study’s questionnaire or participate in on-site interviews.

The other investigation, by the Vatican’s guardian of orthodoxy, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, was released in 2012. It focused narrowly on the major umbrella organization for sisters, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and concluded the organization had strayed from church doctrine and had to change. The Vatican appointment of an archbishop as overseer for the Leadership Conference prompted an outpouring of support for the sisters from the American public….”


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From AP,

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