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San Francisco Catholics enraged by priest – from dark ages?


images no girls allowed

Uh oh! Fr Joe Illo is in big trouble-o

The Rev. Joseph Illo, the new pastor at Star of the Sea Church  said,  no girls on the altar.

Supposedly,  an “intrinsic connection” between the priesthood and serving at the altar — and because women can’t be priests, it makes sense to have only altar boys” Really?

Is Fr Illo working alone – or is he the Fall Guy for the Big Guy on Geary/Gough Street?


“Maybe the most important thing is that it prepares boys to consider the priesthood,” Illo said.

Being an Altar Server in San Francisco is another Catholic High School Application ‘STAR’  – to enhance your chances of getting into Sacred Heart or St Ignatius.

Supposedly, the Richmond District parish is now the only one in the Archdiocese that will exclude girls from serving at the altar.

stained-glass-window-436008__180 There will be picket lines?  Parishoners are leaving Star of the Sea and Father Charlie Durkin is spinning in his grave.



Illo is quoted as having said: If the Catholic Church ordained women, altar girls would make sense, but the Catholic priesthood is a male charism,” he said.


Father Joe proved a controversial figure at a previous church when he told parishioners that if they voted for President Obama they would have to go to confession before receiving communion.

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How to Alienate to Dismiss the Masses? Follow Fr Illo…

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One thought on “San Francisco Catholics enraged by priest – from dark ages?

  1. martina2b on said:

    Ground Zero for women in the church is at the altar. So very interesting that San Francisco is again at the forefront of the problem of narrow interpretation of the call to ministry.

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