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The lone guy in Virginia standing up for Sal Cordileone

Cardinal Burke

Cardinal Burke

Back Story: Cardinal Newman Society

Pope Francis removed Cardinal Raymond Burke from head of the Apostolic Signatura (Vatican “Supreme Court;”) He did step down – way down – and is relegated to the largely “ceremonial role” as head of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


When some American Catholics worry that the hierarchy is tilting toward the Republican Party, or taking the church back to the 19th century (or earlier), they often point to Cardinal Raymond Burke as Exhibit A.

Bob Laird – from Virginia – aligned with Cardinal Burke  at the Newman Center/Virginia- opined in a post about SF Archbishop Cordileone and the high school students of  San Francisco:

“Archbishop Cordileone has been severely criticized by those who do not know or understand Catholic teaching and others who seek to directly or indirectly undermine it. Agree with the Church or not, but the archbishop’s job is to lead Catholics and to protect Catholic students from wayward interpretations of our Catholic faith that have crept into society.”

Apparently, no on else in San Francsico has rushed to the aid of the Archbishop, so Mr Laird writes effusively:

“He should be saluted for taking a principled stand without concern for opinion polls. The archbishop is not “out of touch with the community that he has been assigned to serve,” as The Chronicle has argued. To the contrary, he understands it quite well.”

Thou doth protest too much.photo_380_20051108

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One thought on “The lone guy in Virginia standing up for Sal Cordileone

  1. martina2b on said:

    You didn’t even need to say anything– the photo said it all! However I do believe he got one thing right— the man DOES know what he is dealing with, and is not “out-of-touch”— he just violently disagrees with the opinions which support gay marriage, gay personhood, and also heterosexual marriage with family planning using modern contraception, and women who are able to be intellectually and financially independent and so become socially more independent as well. He does not like modern society, in which the laity are also considered “ordained” into service to God by right of baptism. He wants to return to a time of greater clerical privilege, and less social oversight of funding and the behavior of the prelates. He most certainly does not want to share power, privilege or the burden of ministry with women— no matter how pious, or how ardently they believe they are called to be the workers in the vineyard.

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