Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

Netflix: The Keepers


After Watching THE KEEPERS you will seek out names of the pedophiles and their protectors

Netflix seven part Documentary “The Keepers” unveils a shocking scandal of heinous pedophile priests, the dozens of lives they ruined and the two unsolved murders. The gripping documentary  looks at one of Baltimore’s most vexing cold cases.  The tireless efforts of several  women who, for years have researched and continue to push for justice for thier former high school teacher, Sister Cathy Cesnick.

Is there Bishop Accountability?

SEE:   The Keepers.  The Rogues Gallery is vast and deep: politicians, priests, bishops, archbishops, and policemen. Father Maskell – the most evil of all.

Th very evil, Father Maskell fled to Ireland to hide and avoid the law when accusations came about.



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