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More on Morlino in Wisconsin – Holy Cheesehead!


Bishop Morlino

Bishop Morlino – singing  the blues?

Nope – he is warbling the Elaine Stritch song, “I’m Still Here”

much to the disappointment of many Wisconsin Catholics.

 A PR Disaster?


“Fans of Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino appreciate his willingness to say what’s on his mind, even if it’s unpopular or a public relations challenge.

A recent column by Morlino in the Catholic Herald, the newspaper of the Madison Catholic Diocese, has again lit up Catholic blogs. This time the topic is the hymn “All Are Welcome,” a Catholic staple, which Morlino has concluded is not appropriate for use at Mass.

The liturgy of the Catholic Church “always requires beauty in its celebrations,” Morlino wrote. Yet to be beautiful, something must embody “the truth,” he continued. Therein lies the rub.

“Some of the songs that we sing at liturgy contain lyrics which clearly are not true — for example, the song ‘All Are Welcome,'” Morlino wrote.

He went on to say that all are welcome who follow God’s will, “as spelled out through his son’s very body, the (Catholic) Church.” People who have little interest in doing God’s will “don’t fit the liturgy.” Also not welcome: people who, “by their own choosing,” suffer in hell for all eternity.

It could therefore be concluded that the song, ‘All Are Welcome,’ is not beautiful so as to be appropriate for liturgical use,” he wrote.”











Mad Men in Madison – not Madison Avenue


Dec 2012

Bishop Morlino bans Madison Dominican sisters from conducting workshops and offering spiritual direction.

Two longtime Madison nuns who lead an interfaith spirituality center have been banned by Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino from holding workshops or providing spiritual direction or guidance at any Catholic churches in the 11-county diocese.

Sisters Maureen McDonnell and Lynn Lisbeth, both Sinsinawa Dominicans, have diverged too far from Catholic teaching, according to a confidential memo sent Nov. 27 to priests on behalf of Morlino. A copy of the memo was leaked to the State Journal.

Two other women connected to the interfaith center, called Wisdom’s Well, also have been banned as part of the same action.

The memo says Morlino has “grave concerns” about the women’s teachings, specifically that they “espouse certain views” flowing from such movements as “New Ageism” and “indifferentism.” The latter, according to the memo, is “the belief that no one religion or philosophy is superior to another.”

The women “may not share an authentic view of the Catholic Church’s approach to interreligious dialogue,” the memo said.

 NOTE:  “Both women have been dedicated to religious life and preaching and teaching Gospel values for nearly 50 years,” the release stated. “We wholeheartedly support our Sisters and hold them in prayer as we continue our mission of participating in the building of a holy and just Church and society.”

The Wisconsin State Journal reported that, at the time Msgr. Bartylla issued his memo, Sr Maureen McDonnell was co-facilitating a weekly class at a high school titled “Just Peace Initiative: The Challenge and Promise of Nonviolence for Our Time.”

Morlino – a big fan of Paul Ryan…not those nuns

APTOPIX_Pot Scandal_Ryan

Historically:  2009

Faithful Progressive Saturday, March 28, 2009

Madison WISconsin – spooky

Madison Bishop Morlino Continues Catholic Purge and Witch-Hunt: Longtime Lay Leader Fired for College Paperimages

I have many Catholic friends in the Madison area who are appalled at Bishop Morlino. Several are torn between thinking of leaving and not letting this extremist Bishop destroy their Church. Bishop Morlino’s hard-hearted, extreme-right wing partisanship stands in sharp contrast with the more compassionate and moderate stance taken by Archbishop Dolan in Milwaukee–soon to be Cardinal Dolan of New York.

Everything is personal and political with this guy, at the great expense of his flock.

Wisconsin State Journal:Martyr or heretic? Bishop Morlino fires church employee over her beliefs

On March 12, Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino fired Kolpack from her position as the full-time pastoral associate at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church in Beloit. The termination came after Kolpack said she refused the bishop’s request to renounce a 2003 college thesis in which she argued for more gender-inclusive language at Masses and harshly criticized the Catholic hierarchy’s doctrine of only ordaining males.

Her firing has angered parishioners at St. Thomas and set off a national debate on Catholic blogs as to whether Kolpack is a martyr or a heretic.

The situation again casts Morlino as the heavy in a controversial personnel decision. Last summer, the music director at a Verona church was fired after five parishioners brought concerns to the bishop’s office about the director being openly gay.

Morlino declined an interview request Thursday. Diocesan spokesman Brent King said because Kolpack’s situation is a personnel issue, details cannot be discussed, including whether she was fired for her thesis or for the presentation of or denial of any specific church teaching….

Kolpack has been a member of St. Thomas since 1974 and an employee the last 26 years, rising to pastoral associate in 1995. In that position, she performed many of the duties of a priest for the 325 households in the congregation. “She did everything but celebrate Mass,” said church trustee Macy Kunz, who is “shocked and angry” by Kolpack’s firing.

In 1997, Kolpack began work on a master’s of divinity degree at St. Francis Seminary, a Catholic institution in suburban Milwaukee where, at the time, lay women were able to study alongside male seminarians, although they could not be ordained.

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