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She grew up in Anytown, USA

We are six girls who grew up together…

We attended the same college- lived in the same dorms and have remained close friends for over 20 years.

We exchange birthday gifts, Christmas cards, floods of emails

and celebrate ourselves at an annual “retreat” at Yosemite.

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San Francisco cronies collude: Beware


It is a dark and dreary time in the City by the Bay.

“Sal the Ultra Conservative” – not really Opus Dei – came to San Francisco and the city quaked.*

His reputation preceded him. The DUI in San Diego did nothing to enhance his image.

He made mistakes and stepped on more toes than a tap dancer on ice skates: Train Wreck.

His buddy over at Star of the Sea was equally alienating and not welcomed by the parish. After too many debacles – egregious errors He was asked to leave

What happened to Fr Illo? Did they  send him to Salinas? Gonzales? Eureka? 

No..he was embraced and welcomed at St Mary’s Cathedral by his old pal, Sal.

Sal and House of Cardinal Burke are great friends.

They are calling Catholic San Francisco Foggy Bottoms…and worse.


Cardinal Burke

“Cardinal BurkeIn recent months, critics have described him as an “ultraconservative fanatic,” “anti-Conciliar,” “in conspiracy against the Pope” and even ready for a schism should the upcoming family synod open up unwelcome changes.The criticism has been so defamatory that in Italy several bishops have even refused to host his lectures in their dioceses. Where he has been allowed to give a conference — as recently in some cities in the north of Italy — there are invariably priests who oppose him and accuse him of spreading propaganda against the Pope.”

  •   “Before coming to San Francisco, Cordileone was best known for helping to raise more than $1m to get California’s same-sex marriage ban on the ballot, while calling changes to the traditional institution of marriage between a man and a woman to be “the ultimate attack of the Evil One”.
    “…But the most recent complaints against Cordileone are about his push to increase “Catholic identity” in the four high schools directly under his control in the Bay Area.

After word started to spread in early 2015 that Cordileone planned to impose “morality clauses” on teachers, critics, including parents and students, formed an opposition group called #TeachAcceptance.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board and columnists have repeatedly castigated his position and hundreds turned out at rallies to condemn his actions. Despite that revolt against his leadership, Cordileone is undaunted in his push to recalibrate what Catholic education should be – or about giving his perceptions of what it means to be Catholic in a city that is known for its welcoming tolerance of just about any lifestyle other than overt conservatism….”


What is happening in Northern California?


Ask Sal


Father Tom Reese in CA


Welcome back to Northern California!

Most summers, if we are lucky, Fr Reese spends time At Santa Clara University

and graces 

St Ignatius and St Annes parishioners with two presentations.

Generally  they are very well attended.


Save the Date: Tom Reese, S.J. To Speak at St. Ignatius Church

Tom Reese, S.J. will be giving two talks at SI Church:  “The Joy of the Family by Francis” and  “Religion and Politics”

He writes:

If you are a layperson and want to read the pope’s apostolic exhortation on the family, skip the first three chapters and start with Chapter 4.

If you are a priest, moral theologian, or divorced Catholic, read Chapter 8.”


The 263-page exhortation, Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love”)


See Here NCR


Both events take place in the Xavier Room, Fromm Hall, USF, 10:50- 11:45am.

San Francisco showered with more attention?

Spray bottle

Archbishop Cordileone

cleaning up?

Shower of Controversy

Signs of the Times:

images no girls allowed




C.W. Nevius –  the highly respected, San Francisco Chronicle writer says is it best in his timely piece about the machinations at 1111 Gough Street with the Archbishop and the preponderance of controversy.

San Francisco: 350 Teachers Against Cordileone


SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – More than 350 teachers in high schools administrated by the

Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco signed a letter

urging Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone

to drop proposed morality clauses from the teacher handbook.images-36

Cord_BishopresizedSee: Huff Post  San Francisco Catholic School Students, Parents and Teachers Up in Arms


San Francisco Diocese? Closed for repairs

images-36photo_380_20051108sign board



very old-working



San Francisco: How to alienate a Diocese in one announcement? Ask Cordileone

My Way or the Highway – Cordileone’s New Rule Book –
It failed miserably in Santa Rosa – why not try San Francisco?


 What is wrong with this man?
The highly controversial and new-conservative Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco has created a new document for Catholic high school faculty and staff indicating that he believes
  1. Sex outside of marriage,
  2. Homosexual relations,
  3. The viewing of pornography
  4. and masturbation are “Gravely Evil.”
    Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s new document applies to faculty and staff at just four Catholic high schools: Riordan and Sacred Heart in San Francisco, Marin Catholic in Kentfield and Serra High School in San Mateo.      Not San Francisco Mercy High School, not St Ignatius College Prep, or Burlingame Mercy High School…the list goes on.

It states that administrators, faculty and staff  must “affirm and believe” the controversial statements, which will be part of the faculty handbook. Really? Bishop Vasa tried this same agenda in Santa Rosa…people left the church in droves.




San Francisco Catholics chagrined and embarrassed by Archbishop Cordileone?

Cordileone_fails_SF_jpegAre San Francisco Catholics chagrined and embarrassed by Archbishop Cordileone?

Is the ArchBishop alienating San Francisco Catholics?

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has written to San Francisco Roman Catholic Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone asking him to skip a controversial “March for Marriage” to be held in Washington Thursday.

The Democrat from California, who is a Roman Catholic who supports same-sex marriage and abortion, referred to a controversial 2013 comment from Pope Francis to support her position, according to political reporter Carla Marinucci in the San Francisco Chronicle.

“Invoking the words of Pope Francis with regard to gays and lesbians, (Pelosi) wrote, ‘If someone is gay and is searching for the Lord and has good will, then who am I to judge him?’ ”

Her call — reportedly in a letter the Chronicle did not post online — joined an open letter co-signed by California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and a host of other state officials and dozens of religious and community leaders.”

Other speakers slated to attend the “March for Marriage” include Rick Santorum, Governor Mike Huckabee,

and New York State Senator Rev. Rubin Diaz.



San Francisco’s Catholic church, Star of the – See you later!

road-sign-464659__180The Star of the Sea Church, on Geary Blvd, sinks to new depths of the sea….

From the church website:

“Do you think Mary, the Mother of God,

would want to serve the Mass

or be a priest,

and even if so, why did Jesus not include her at the Last Supper?

Is it not because she, as a woman, has a distinct, an even more exalted role than the Apostles?”

Oh, you are in this so deep …



“Mary not invited to the Last Supper.” Really?”


San Francisco Catholics enraged by priest – from dark ages?


images no girls allowed

Uh oh! Fr Joe Illo is in big trouble-o

The Rev. Joseph Illo, the new pastor at Star of the Sea Church  said,  no girls on the altar.

Supposedly,  an “intrinsic connection” between the priesthood and serving at the altar — and because women can’t be priests, it makes sense to have only altar boys” Really?

Is Fr Illo working alone – or is he the Fall Guy for the Big Guy on Geary/Gough Street?


“Maybe the most important thing is that it prepares boys to consider the priesthood,” Illo said.

Being an Altar Server in San Francisco is another Catholic High School Application ‘STAR’  – to enhance your chances of getting into Sacred Heart or St Ignatius.

Supposedly, the Richmond District parish is now the only one in the Archdiocese that will exclude girls from serving at the altar.

stained-glass-window-436008__180 There will be picket lines?  Parishoners are leaving Star of the Sea and Father Charlie Durkin is spinning in his grave.



Illo is quoted as having said: If the Catholic Church ordained women, altar girls would make sense, but the Catholic priesthood is a male charism,” he said.


Father Joe proved a controversial figure at a previous church when he told parishioners that if they voted for President Obama they would have to go to confession before receiving communion.

SEE : Fr Illo – TroubleSF Parents very unhappy

BIG angel

How to Alienate to Dismiss the Masses? Follow Fr Illo…

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