Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Bully pulpit takes on a new meaning

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The Red Hat Society in Rome…a reminder?

Hello! Is anyone home? Check this out

Blame it on the Boss in Roma

Only  FIFTEEN Women

Sr Mary Luke Tobin was at Vatican Two


Sister Mary Luke Tobin (May 16, 1908 – August 24, 2006) was an American Roman Catholic nun and one of only 15 women auditors invited to the Second Vatican Council, and the only American woman of the three women religious permitted to participate on the Council’s planning commissions.

One of 15 women – she commented:

The L. C. W. R. report also described the conditions contributing to the alienation of women from church and society and their consequent need of reconciliation with both groups. Let me outline briefly some of the alienating factors described in the report:

1. Patriarchy has been a prime concept for the perception and organization of reality. Patriarchy as a worldview of its very nature assumes the alienation of women. It places the male in the center of reality and makes the masculine normative.

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More on Morlino in Wisconsin – Holy Cheesehead!


Bishop Morlino

Bishop Morlino – singing  the blues?

Nope – he is warbling the Elaine Stritch song, “I’m Still Here”

much to the disappointment of many Wisconsin Catholics.

 A PR Disaster?


“Fans of Madison Catholic Bishop Robert Morlino appreciate his willingness to say what’s on his mind, even if it’s unpopular or a public relations challenge.

A recent column by Morlino in the Catholic Herald, the newspaper of the Madison Catholic Diocese, has again lit up Catholic blogs. This time the topic is the hymn “All Are Welcome,” a Catholic staple, which Morlino has concluded is not appropriate for use at Mass.

The liturgy of the Catholic Church “always requires beauty in its celebrations,” Morlino wrote. Yet to be beautiful, something must embody “the truth,” he continued. Therein lies the rub.

“Some of the songs that we sing at liturgy contain lyrics which clearly are not true — for example, the song ‘All Are Welcome,'” Morlino wrote.

He went on to say that all are welcome who follow God’s will, “as spelled out through his son’s very body, the (Catholic) Church.” People who have little interest in doing God’s will “don’t fit the liturgy.” Also not welcome: people who, “by their own choosing,” suffer in hell for all eternity.

It could therefore be concluded that the song, ‘All Are Welcome,’ is not beautiful so as to be appropriate for liturgical use,” he wrote.”










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