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The Nun who Broke with Rome –

   Anita Caspary, the onetime mother superior who led the largest single exodus of nuns from the Roman Catholic Church in American history, died on Oct 5 in Los Angeles. She was 95.

New York Times Obit

“…Dr. Caspary always contended that she and other members of her order, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, never wanted to renounce their vows. In a 2003 memoir, “Witness to Integrity,” she said they had been virtually forced into it by the intransigence of Cardinal McIntyre, who adamantly refused to let them teach in archdiocese schools unless they wore habits and adhered to a host of traditional regimens governing when they prayed, when they went to bed, and what books were appropriate for nuns to read.

The cardinal cited pre-Vatican II law and centuries-old church tradition. To permit the changes proposed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart would in effect lead “our convents to become hotels or boarding houses for women,” he wrote in a letter to the Vatican quoted in his official 1996 biography.


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