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Hey! Women are already serving priestly roles

1fa14fb0“It’s time that we acknowledge that women are already serving priestly roles,

and that the church benefits from women’s service and perspective…

Too often we lose sight of the priestly work that’s being done

without bishop-presided ordination.”

–Sister Simone Campbell

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“Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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A Nun on the Bus – and in the driver’s seat, too


From Network Lobby


“Last week, Sister Simone Campbell was on the Tavis Smiley show to talk about her new book, “A Nun on the Bus.” They discussed healthcare, immigration reform, Rep. Paul Ryan, and what it means to live a faith that does justice: “I describe my spirituality as ‘walking willing,’ going to the places where I’m led, and letting people break my heart over and over. I discovered when my heart is broken, it’s broken open, so there is room for more people, and then hope is released.”




Huff Post Loves Nuns on the Bus, too!


The Nuns on the Bus are the trusty road warriors of Network, calling attention to America’s yawning social injustice and calling us to do better. Consider their message on poverty. They recognize that hunger is a widespread and growing problem in the United States. And they know that in a rich country like ours, the only reason some people go to bed hungry is because of flaws n the system — or, in other words, the structural sin Pope Francis has so eloquently criticized.

And hence the Nuns have worked hard to oppose budget cuts that would worsen Americans’ access to affordable food. Not only that, they recognize that food and income are linked. People who are paid inadequate wages cannot afford decent meals, no matter how strenuous their efforts to help themselves. Hence, the good sisters have begun a campaign to raise the minimum wage. Child poverty is a sin in a nation like ours. And child poverty is worsened by poverty-level wages. Raise the minimum wage and you begin to address the root cause of childhood poverty. “Worker justice” is a moral imperative. It is a way of curing structural sin…”



 Sister Simone Campbell


A Nun on the Bus   The Book

In the summer of 2012, Sister Simone Campbell and a group of fellow Roman Catholic nuns toured parts of the country to rally support against Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget, a plan that cut vital social programs for the hurting poor and the struggling middle class.

Prayer groups turned into rallies and small town meetings became national media events. Sister Simone became a galvanizing force for progressives of all stripes and remains a driving force for programs and policies that support faith, family, and fairness.

Rooted in a deep spirituality of compassion and service, Sister Simone gives voice to the hunger, isolation, and fear that so many people in America are feeling right now and shows us how we can create real transformation in our communities and in our own hearts through the contemplative life of prayer.

Powerful, inspiring stories from the Nuns on the Bus tour and from Sister Simone’s own life offer readers a fresh vision for a lived spirituality that is at the heart of today’s progressive Christian movements working for change.

Sister Simone Campbell goes to Washington! Look out!

coverFrom Network Lobby  October 14, 2013

“Tomorrow, Sister Simone Campbell will be going to congressional offices with other religious leaders to demand that legislators stop the partisan bickering and act responsibly.

The government shutdown is now almost two weeks old, and many people are suffering – especially those at the economic margins. We ask you to be with her in spirit and to contact your legislators to demand action.

There is currently a glimmer of hope that there may be a resolution to this mess. Pray with us that it happens!”


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