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Divorced Catholics: receive Communion?

photo_3447_20070927If all Divorced Catholics in the USA lined up…

Stille-Vatican-Synod-690 for Communion on various Sundays

Oh, wait!

They already do…


Thousands of divorced Catholics line up for Communion each Sunday…


...Pope Francis finds himself in a daunting position.

His “immediate predecessors”  from Paul VI to Benedict XVI, seemed to lock the church into a series of positions—on divorce, contraception, sexuality, the celibate priesthood, the ordination of women, and homosexuality—

that are at hugely radical variance with the beliefs and practices of the majority of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics…so there. Amen.


The New Yorker

SEE:  OCTOBER 13, 2014
A Bombshell Document at the Vatican Synod


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